CLINICA Herradura

WORRY-FREE VACATIONS: Clínica Herradura is a full-service medical facility and pharmacy

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When you go on vacation, you should be able to travel worry-free. Los Sueños is the ideal location to kick back and relax or enjoy an adventure without having to listen to that annoying little voice in the back of your head tsking at you when all you want to do is say “Yes!”. Dr. Erisel Sanabria holds a Masters in Palliative Care and has a team of physicians and a full-time pharmacist at Clinica Herradura, located to your first right after entering the main gates of the resort (or last left before exiting the resort).

Dr. Sanabria and her team have the equipment necessary and are fully qualified to provide regular consultations, nebulizers, electrocardiograms, IVs, injections, sutures, and blood pressure readings, as well as attend to medical emergencies, so if your yes turns into an oopsie, you’ll be in good hands.

In the event of an emergency, the Clinic can stabilize patients, as well as coordinate ambulance or helicopter transfers to full-service private hospitals in the capital city of San Jose if surgery or further procedures are required.

As of December 2023, the clinic offers aesthetic medicine such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), biostimulation with facial vitamin cocktails, and Botox. You can also schedule IV Therapy such as vitamin C drips.

In addition, several specialists visit the clinic regularly, including nutritionist Carolina Jovita weekly with prescheduled appointments, psychologist Magaly Bonilla by appointment, and pediatrician Dr. Brígida Vinciguerra every two weeks. Other specialists may be scheduled periodically, check with the clinic for details.


9 AM TO 10 PM


9 AM TO 5 PM


Nutrition: nutritional plan and support for weight loss, weight gain, athletes, or overall health and wellness.

Psychology: couples, children, assessment of mental fitness to work in childcare centers, diagnosis of learning problems, learning adaptations, grief counseling.

Pediatrics: vaccinations, assessment of growth and development, pediatric surgery.